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Oriental Elevation

Elevating Excellence: Cremer Construction and Cremer Lifts Transform Iconic Oriental Parade Residence

Embarking on a collaborative journey, Cremer Construction and Cremer Lifts proudly present the successful completion of a high-end lift retrofit for the distinguished Oriental Parade residence.

The Challenge: The residence, adorned with an existing but dormant lift shaft, became the canvas for our transformative project. Extensive upgrades and modifications were imperative to bring this architectural feature to life, spanning three floors of luxury living.

Innovative Solutions: Our teams navigated the intricate process of cutting through floors, strategically installing robust steel structures, and orchestrating the meticulous reconstruction of a bathroom and roof. These enhancements not only met the demands of the project but elevated the home to a new standard of opulence.

Living in Luxury: Remarkably, this entire metamorphosis unfolded while the client continued to reside in their home. Negotiating limited access and accommodating the constraints of daily life, Cremer Construction and Cremer Lifts seamlessly executed the project, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Result: The completed lift retrofit stands as a testament to our collective expertise and dedication to delivering unparalleled quality. The rejuvenated Oriental Parade residence now boasts a sophisticated lift system seamlessly integrated into its design, enhancing both accessibility and luxury living.

Collaborative Brilliance: This project showcases the powerful synergy between Cremer Construction's proficiency in structural modifications and project management, and Cremer Lifts' over 30 years of specialized experience in lift installations. Together, we transformed a vision into a reality that exceeds expectations.

Future of Elevation: As we celebrate the success of the Oriental Parade project, Cremer Construction and Cremer Lifts eagerly anticipate future opportunities to merge our strengths and bring innovative solutions to life. Our partnership sets the stage for continued excellence in high-end construction projects.

Contact us to Elevate Your Space: Discover how Cremer Construction and Cremer Lifts can elevate your living or working space. Contact us today to discuss your next visionary project.

Your Future, Elevated by Cremer Construction and Cremer Lifts.

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