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Revealing 5 Common Hidden Costs of Home Renovation

Money hiding in files

Embarking on a home renovation journey can be thrilling, but hidden expenses often lurk in the shadows, casting uncertainty over your project. Fear not! With decades of experience, we're here to unveil five commonly overlooked costs associated with renovating, empowering you to plan effectively. While these expenses may elude your initial budget, partnering with a professional construction company like Cremer Construction can illuminate potential surprises lurking within your walls.

Our Approach to Hidden Costs:

Leveraging our collective expertise, we've gained invaluable insights into the typical challenges of renovations. By considering your home's construction decade, we proactively anticipate and address potential issues.

1. Asbestos Awareness:

A primary concern during renovations is the presence of asbestos, prevalent in many pre-1990 homes. Despite its durability, asbestos poses severe health risks, necessitating careful handling and removal. Costs for removing asbestos-laden materials like kitchen floor vinyl backing or textured ceilings can range from $5,000 to $20,000. By engaging Cremer Construction, we seamlessly integrate asbestos assessments into the design or quoting phase, identifying areas of concern and advising promptly on removal costs.

2. Improper Building Work:

Beneath seemingly standard walls may lie poorly constructed structures from DIY renovations by previous homeowners. Lacking compliance and structural integrity, these can lead to issues with weathertightness and structural stability, requiring additional costs for remediation and adherence to your local council regulations. Consider consulting with an expert to include a contingency for unforeseen structural and weathertightness issues in your budget.

3. Site Works:

Often overlooked, the cost of demolition and site setup can significantly impact your renovation budget. Unlike new builds, renovating requires removal of existing materials and additional effort to modify and upgrade, leading to higher costs than anticipated. Rely on a detailed fixed quote rather than a self-estimation to avoid unexpected price escalation.

4. Exclusions:

A detailed specification in your building quote or estimate is crucial for understanding what is included and excluded from your project. This should outline expected quality, standards, craftsmanship, and materials to be used. Be aware of items excluded from the project, whether due to client preferences or cost-saving measures, as these can lead to disagreements later on. Ensure your construction company provides a comprehensive specification to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Council & Inspection Fees:

Beyond construction costs, consider fees for council permits and inspections. These fees are often unavoidable and can accumulate throughout the project. Understanding and planning for these expenses in advance can help minimize surprises. Partnering with a professional construction company can provide clarity on expected fees, ensuring smoother project management.

Working with Cremer Construction ensures clarity over costs with detailed quotes and expert advice on potential hidden expenses, allowing you to add contingency to your budget and minimize surprises.

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