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Considerations for first-time home buyers in New Zealand

Purchasing your first home is an exciting experience, but this can also be an overwhelming time for some. We have put together meticulous considerations for you as a first-time home buyer, to ensure you are equipped to make the right decision when purchasing your first home.

A block of building built in Wellington, New Zealand by Cremer Construction company
Building by Cremer Construction, Wellington New Zealand

There are several factors to carefully consider when buying your first home, as there is the potential for issues to arise in the initial stages, as well as later on in your journey. Working with an experienced contractor such as Cremer can equip you with the knowledge to foresee these issues and make the right decision before it's too late.

Inspection of the property

We recommend prospective buyers to have a thorough building inspection conducted of the property before making a purchase. This means a registered building inspector of your choice will provide an overall inspection of the property to help you gain insight into the condition of the house. The building inspector will provide you with a pre-sale condition report which assists with your decision-making when buying a home. The cost for this service is between $450 - $1500.

This may seem like a costly exercise in the short term, but it could save you from potentially purchasing a home with major problems which requires extensive repairs. By conducting a build inspection, you are also able to avoid issues such as health damage from mold, presence of asbestos and structural damage.

Pay attention to key components in the home

These could include components such as:

  • Foundations

  • Cladding

  • Roofing

  • Framing

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

For example, an older home may require more frequent maintenance and repairs - potential costs that need to be considered when making your home purchase decision.


You would have heard it before, but we will say it again - location is important. It's necessary to consider the location of the home, as well as proximity to amenities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets and public transport. Choosing a home in a location desirable to you will not only improve your quality of life but increase resale value of the property in the future.

Legal support and advice

Carefully review the terms of sale and seek legal advice to fully understand your rights and obligations upon agreeing to purchase the home. This will avoid potential disputes once the sale of the home has gone through.

By performing your due diligence before purchasing a home, you will avoid damages, legal, health and other issues - ensuring you purchase a home that is right for you. By understanding the homes background, you are able to minimize the risk of encountering an inconvenience of this nature in the future and make an informed decision about this investment.

Have questions about renovating your first home?

The Cremer Construction team are here you guide you through the process


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